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The laziest word to describe the consumption of marijuana.
Don't get your hopes up, you're nice and all, but she's only dating you because she doesn't have enough money for potting on her own.
by I_Was_An_RA?? September 15, 2010
South African local vernacular for " Whats happening " or " What's up" . This term has no gardening connotation whatsoever!
what's potting up in London?
by Hatset September 05, 2006
Prison terminology for dumping a steaming bucket of urine and excrement over the head of a much-loved prison service employee.

It understandably entails further punishment under the penal system but in terms of satisfaction and comedy value, is doubtless well-worth missing a few games on the prison playstation for...
Stabber: 'How come Gordon the Guard smells like 3 day old prison food?'
Shooter: 'He got potted on B-Wing!'
Stabber: 'Ah, nothing like a good potting to brighten up a 10-12 stretch. How'd he like it?'
Shooter: 'Not so much, heard he might lose an eye!'
Both: 'Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'
by Becca J W April 07, 2008

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