Hiding narcotics or other objects in one's butt. This comes from the Toy Story movies in which Mr. Potato Head stores objects in his rear compartment.
At the airport the dealer was potato heading in order to keep his drugs safe from the security.
by Jarvis Tisdale July 20, 2010
Top Definition
The act of transporting drugs, weapons, and/or any illegal item in your ass, someone else's ass, or Mr. Potato Head's ass
Watch out man, the cops are sniffin' everyones assholes for anyone who is potato heading
by .Avocado July 20, 2010
The act of carrying drugs inside oneself (preferably stomach or anus) or on ones person.
Originates from the "Mr. Potatohead" character in the "Toy Story" films, who has a compartment in his rear end which some humorously state is used to carry drugs or other illegal materials
alternate: Potatohead, Potatoheaded, .
Those Mexican kids who cross the border with cocaine filled condoms in their stomachs are potatoheading.
by derpderpherpderp July 21, 2010
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