A long-winded, overly expansive and tangential economic analysis of an unrelated topic, leading to binding precedent.
G, I was finna buy those new rims until my wigga laid a posner on me.
by Judge Fedd September 22, 2008
Top Definition
Taking a big, fat, hairy penis up the nose. A Posner typically happens when the person on the receiving end of the penis is tired of having their face jizzed on, and would rather have their face jizzed in.
Damn, she asked for a Posner since her jaw was tired and her face was covered.
by Lolpwnsauze July 28, 2010
To posner: to do something boldly, fearlessly.
Posner: a brave one.
Stop being such a pussy, posner it!

She looked shy, but turns out she's a real posner.
by happyberserk December 21, 2013
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