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A subgenre of grindcore, most commonly associated with goregrind. The most obvious trait that separates pornogrind from other grind metal styings is the extremely graphic and offensive sexual subject matter, which may also feature gore-related subject matters. Virtually all pornogrind songs have a "preview" of sorts, which is almost always spoken dialogue that can last for any period of time. Like just about all grind genres, song tend to be on the short side, rarely lasting over 2-3 minutes.

Pornogrind and goregrind can be sometimes confused because of the use of pitch-shifters in both genres. Pornogrind mainly features very low, pitch-shifted vocals, but it occasionally can have ridiculously high screeching vocals as well. Also, while goregrind's musical qualities tend to be extremely noisy, blisteringly fast, and absurdly chaotic, pornogrind's musical qualities tend to be slower, and with more of a groove. The German band GUT are considered the fathers of pornogrind.
GUT and Cock and Ball Torture are some good pornogrind bands.
by Todd Sigeti May 15, 2008
A sub-genre of grindcore. As you can guess from the name of the genre, the music's theme is well... centered around fetishes/pornography, the most offensive kind of music ever. Gut where the inventors of the genre, & there are very few good ones still around. Dead is another supurb pornogrind band. the songs tend to be fairly short (in the vein of grindcore, one mintue long), & the openings have audio clips from horror/porn moives, that sometimes go on longer then the accually music.
"Lips - the passageway to pleasure" is a totally grim song, dude.
by Mister Fleshcage June 08, 2005
GrindCore with a porno theme. Usually about fucking girls and chopping them to bits.
This PornoGrind is rapin my ears.
by n3Kr0 October 28, 2008
is a cross between death metal<cannibal corpse> and grind core<dying fetus> that talks about mutilating sexual activity mainly.
ex-"man torsofuck kicked ass the other night!!<whos that?>there porno-grind man!"
by imnottellinguwhy January 04, 2011
type of metal infusing rape titles and grindcore music.
Preschool Tea Party Massacre-(songs:giving head to a shotun) which using lyrics create pornogrind
by HXCPYN March 23, 2009
grind music, but with revolting sound effects ranging from farts and diareah to vomiting and killing, actuaally hardly any playing sometimes
example:- 'anal penentration', funny band they are
by chris neaves January 06, 2004
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