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V- To spend vitrually all night looking at pornography and while looking at the pornography one natuarally masterbates.
The lonely high school boys pornge almost every night because they cannot get girlfriends.

"Hey Johnny what did you do last night?"
"Wow. It sounds like fun."
"It is."
by daddyhateme11 April 03, 2009
n. any ejaculate not in a proper receptacle like a kleenex, condom, or woman.
Why is there pornge on my cat?
by Cadalackie February 20, 2005
A color that is a mixture of Pink and Orange some describe it as salmonish
Michelle is wearing a pornge shirt
by Hans Poschman April 22, 2005
a random made up color. a mixture of the color purple and color brings happiness but depressiona at the sme time. it is now the color official color of the sign capricorn.
oh my god! look at her pornge necklace.
by marilynbabi January 11, 2009
The act of viewing pornography before noon.
Bobby likes to pornge on weekends.
by complex October 01, 2003
D1. Pornography involving two or more Umpa Lumpa's.

D2. Pornge is the only word in the English language that rhymes with Orange.
X1. Hey baby, wanna come back to my place and watch some pornge?

X2. Orange / Pornge
by G-Man2010 January 14, 2010

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