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adj. tha very best baddest bitch that is tha most straight forward person. narmally used as a nickname.
i do not like that girl. she told me my dress was ugly. she is such a chellsea.
by marilynbabi March 28, 2009
noun. a down to earth person with semi-moody personality. that just means don't piss her off. a person with a great way of handleing certain situations, such as anything worth helping a friend.
i wish i had a freind like her, she's just such a saymantha.
by marilynbabi March 29, 2009
a random made up color. a mixture of the color purple and color orange.it brings happiness but depressiona at the sme time. it is now the color official color of the sign capricorn.
oh my god! look at her pornge necklace.
by marilynbabi January 11, 2009
adj. the relationship yhu have with another humanbeen. yhu will have the feeling of freind ship when yhu can't stop wondering what yhu could do to help when someone is hurting. yhu can't be with out this person when yhu have free time because yhu just don't want then to find another best friend.
i love chellsea. she is such a good best friend. i don't klnow what i would do without her..
by marilynbabi March 29, 2009
a person that is a very apoligizing typa person. you can do what ever and it will be ok eventually.
my sister is so a eddie!
by marilynbabi January 11, 2009

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