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Slang reffering to marijuana laced with heroin commonly used in the ghettos of and around New York City.
Yo lemme get a 20 bag of poppy so I can get bent.
by Nizzle August 30, 2004
Poppy is a name for a female girl. Often hates the world and doesn't care what you have to say. Usually with crazy red hair and will never be taller than your average lamp, about 1 in 67 people find girls named Poppy attractive. Poppy can come across as being thick skinned but once you get to know her she can be a great asset to your life and is worth getting to know, although you'll never understand whether she's joking or not.
Sam "I was in A car crash last night, mum didn't come off great"

Poppy "Cool Story Bro"
by Nathan Hawkswood February 26, 2012
A beatiful young girl with European origin, that has dark lucious hair, and large alluring eyes.

Boys are driven crazy by her unique personality, but has very mysterious qualities.

She's extremly intelligent but does make a fool of her self unintentionally once in a while.
person 1: '' Poppy is such a kind hearted girl!''

person 2: '' but she can be a bit of a cluts...''
person 1: '' who care's. her ass makes up for it''
by ladidaaaaaaa October 13, 2011
A short redheaded person with fangirlish tendencies and a quirky fashion sense.
Hey Poppy! You're rather short and red!
by Hullo :) September 22, 2010
Slang word for money.
Goat the poppy?
by Ella 123 December 15, 2008
very potent marijuana mixed with opium
i got that poppy for cheap
by Boobie Fresh March 04, 2007
a certain girl who enjoys to chirpse with a specific JB. she comes out with many random things but can be very fiesty. fiesty bitch. she would do anything to get a bang. minimum charge £5
jay: hey im gonna go get laid by a poppy tonight.

harrison: really how much?!

jay: fiver..

harrison: im there- i'll bring the weed.
by charp stark November 20, 2011