Slang word for money.
Goat the poppy?
by Ella 123 December 15, 2008
A short redheaded person with fangirlish tendencies and a quirky fashion sense.
Hey Poppy! You're rather short and red!
by Hullo :) September 22, 2010
very potent marijuana mixed with opium
i got that poppy for cheap
by Boobie Fresh March 04, 2007
Noun: A drummer girl
Adjective: Loyal, trust-worthy
"Hey, thanks for listening to me the other day. It was really poppy of you."

Person 1: Hey, I didn't know she played drums?
Person 2: Yeah she's a poppy.
by Katiekatiekatie April 29, 2008
a certain girl who enjoys to chirpse with a specific JB. she comes out with many random things but can be very fiesty. fiesty bitch. she would do anything to get a bang. minimum charge £5
jay: hey im gonna go get laid by a poppy tonight.

harrison: really how much?!

jay: fiver..

harrison: im there- i'll bring the weed.
by charp stark November 20, 2011
refering to a line, "who's your daddy?" but in a non-white, yet non-black way. The word poppy represents ownership of someone because you are their father.

The line, "who's your poppy?" is usually followed by a soft smack on the cheek
John is Aaj's poppy.

John says, "Aaj, who's your poppy?" and smacks him on the cheek.

by aaj's poppy October 25, 2006
A girl, of dwarfish nature. Thinks she can dance, but infact she can only skip 'gracefully'. Inferior to Nafasat in all ways shapes and forms. But is certainly superior to the minior agash. btw Poppy has a penis
POPPY: CERTAINLYY, oops, i just jizzed in my pants (SKIPS OFF' GRACEFULLY')
by MR GREGORY November 12, 2010
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