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Noun: A drummer girl
Adjective: Loyal, trust-worthy
"Hey, thanks for listening to me the other day. It was really poppy of you."

Person 1: Hey, I didn't know she played drums?
Person 2: Yeah she's a poppy.
by Katiekatiekatie April 29, 2008
10 18
Shortening of the word population. Also used as an alternative for peeps or people in general.
Man there was so much poppy at the club tonight
by kaivo March 20, 2010
1 11
An adjective to describe any music that someone doesn't like, for reasons other than 'it doesn't sound good', usually because it is formulaic in some way, or because the hooks/harmonies are too obvious.
"Any black metal song with a discernable hook is poppy."

by Dzoldzaya December 26, 2006
26 36
refering to a line, "who's your daddy?" but in a non-white, yet non-black way. The word poppy represents ownership of someone because you are their father.

The line, "who's your poppy?" is usually followed by a soft smack on the cheek
John is Aaj's poppy.

John says, "Aaj, who's your poppy?" and smacks him on the cheek.

by aaj's poppy October 25, 2006
23 34
A girl, of dwarfish nature. Thinks she can dance, but infact she can only skip 'gracefully'. Inferior to Nafasat in all ways shapes and forms. But is certainly superior to the minior agash. btw Poppy has a penis
POPPY: CERTAINLYY, oops, i just jizzed in my pants (SKIPS OFF' GRACEFULLY')
by MR GREGORY November 12, 2010
4 16
Poppies that grow in the local fields make poor-quality opium.
Oh well, I do need my high, even if I have to risk suffocation by poppy smoke inhalation just to get it.
by mellow man September 16, 2003
7 19
A small, red box which contains snortable cocaine. It resembles a red flask, only with a switch which, when pushed, opens up a small, obscure hole (it is red so it blends in with the rest of the box) which in turn is equipped with a sort of wire salt shaker. When turned upside down, the cocaine is held up by the filter, and by placing the nostril under the filter and snorting, cocaine is accessed to the nose. Very rare find.
A reference to the pleasure of poppies appears in the song "Existential Blues" where the singer expresses, in some of the verses, the pleasure after a long journey provided by a field of poppies.
by Bowman June 16, 2002
3 32