Fans of Prince Poppycock (John Quale), who is an opera singer that appeared on America's Got Talent in Summer 2010.

Poppies tend to be fans of opera music (or were converted after seeing the Prince perform). They usually will have their profile pictures/avatars as pictures of the Prince or images of a poppy flower. They also tend to mimic the Prince, by giving themselves silly nicknames, like "The Grand Duchess Lillypop" and talk very elegantly, like, "What a quaint day I have had to day, my fellow poppies!"

This term is used by The Prince to describe his fans, the fans themselves, and those familar with America's Got Talent.
Jim: "Hey, this person seems really upset that Prince Poppycock got 4th place in America's Got Talent"

Tom: "Oh, yeah. They're one of his 'poppies'"

Jim: "His what?"

Tom: "They're a fan of the Prince"

Jim: "Oh!"
by Poppy Lover September 21, 2010
A Poppy is always the fittest, pengest, most beautiful girl you will ever know! She will have big tits, and be really clever and athletic, overall just amazing!

lol jk;) its the opposite!
*jizzes in pants*
by 7ewis October 17, 2011
A girl who dyes her hair a lot! Is easily to get along with, but comes along as quiet when you first meet her, but then you get to know her

and she is completely crazy, hyper and dare devil, most Poppy's are from England or Ireland, she is trust worthy and never lets anyone

down, she is someone who is a good best friend to have, if your friend is poppy, stay close to her, she is smart, most likely to be rich
and have a good job when she is older, she is good at hiding her feelings, hates crying in front of people, Good at dancing and most
likely to have an amazing voice! most Poppy's are girlfriends to boys who are jerks, or bad for them, because they are attracted
to bad boys, and never notice the boys who have real feelings for them, She has an amazing personality and is dead gorgeous, but

be careful, she is a heart breaker, she only has one boy she will only care for and wont hurt, and if your not him, dont waste your time
also most Poppy's turn out being models, because there dangerous beautiful, or an actress, they know how to pretend to be someone else their not..
Your lucky if your close with a poppy.
Hey dude who's that girl poppy

dont waste your time, she is a heart breaker

but she is beautiful..
by Lucy Richard November 03, 2013
The opposite to Mommy/or mommie
Word given to describe an older adult male father figure or role model.

A slang word give to older males in latino gangs as a sign of respect.

Can also be said by women in a sexual manner towards a male she's attracted too.
also see poppie
Hey, Poppy can I got to the candy store.

Yo, poppy 5-0 pigs just caught carlos holding up a store.

Hey, poppy why don't you come over to my house and give me some lovin'.
by Mike April 20, 2005
Poppy's usually have brown hair. They are usually are very talented in athletics and music. They are by far the best kissers. Poppy's usually hold their feelings in to avoid getting hurt. She is fun to hang out with and is the life of the party. Poppy's are usually very pretty and intellengent, but they have their dumb moments. Poppy's are very funny as well. They're loyal an caring friends. If you happen to be a Poppy's friend your one lucky person.
Dude, that girl poppy is hot

She also got an A on that impossible quiz.
by Nowyouknow May 20, 2014
A beautiful, blonde girl with hazel eyes. She has an amazing laugh and is hilarious, but can be insecure at times. She just hasn't realized that she is the epitome of gorgeous, at least, not yet.
Girl: Poppy is so pretty.
Girl 2: I know, I like her laugh too.
by ilovehumans June 22, 2011
A bunny rabbit who is gorgeous, however cold and distant.
What a lovely rabbit!

Yeah, well... she's a poppy.
by smmmm February 11, 2010
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