It means cool mother f' er with a anchor tat and a lazy eye!
That guy jason is a popeye!
by popeye13 July 01, 2011
The action of ejaculating into a womans eye causeing here eye to puff up resulting in her looking like popeye
"my girlfriend went blind in her right eye because i gave her to many popeyes
by Zak2010 January 02, 2010
When one of a girl's nipples is hard, and the other one isn't. As if her tits are winking at you.
A girl with one nipple poking through her shirt is walking toward you. As she approaches you say;

"What's up Popeye?"

She looks down in embarrasment and gives you a blowjob to forgive her condition.
by JohnBaron November 15, 2007
Performing a blow job out the side of ones mouth. Like the position of Popeye's pipe.
Suck it like Popeye
by SGJB September 12, 2013
nickname used by Ridge Forrester to describe Nick Marone on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful
What are you doing here popeye?
by Jack Abbott III February 22, 2007
Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. Orginally from New Orleans, Louisiana
"Love that chicken from Popeye's"
by MOD December 13, 2003
A serbian addonis he works out even in his sleep, sleeps around with many women. Likes to dress up in poofy clothes and looking gay to attract women. Often spotted around #serbia
i cunt spell shit, its terobull cent even spell beckup
by popeye March 19, 2003

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