a sailor man
by joyrock September 09, 2003
Now discontinued cartoon from the forties and fifties about an oddly proportioned american sailor who constantly got into fights, where he was the underdog. He would, at a pivotal point, consume spinach, and become immediatley brawnier as a result. Immensely popular, and famed for his arch-enemy bluto, girlfriend Olive Oil, and his ridiculously large biceps. He also had one squinted eye, one that protruded, a speech impediment, a pipe, and incoherant ramblings that he would use to amuse himself.

The cartoon was a vector to get kids eating more greens so the could grow up to be just like him.
Q: what happened when Napoleon went to mount Olive?

A: Popeye got pissed...

Oh, Popeye- Olive
by Gumba Gumba March 12, 2004
A fucked up cartoon that showed that whenever you eat a can of spinach, you get big honkin bazooka muscles and you can kick major ass. Was kinda nice to watch as a kid though.
I don't "y'eats" mah spinach, oh shit i have no muscles.
by ThaNeoGospel November 05, 2004
Maker of good chicken.
What you weighin? 350? you popeye chicken eatin motha fucka!
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Also known as "the popeye"; a sexual technique where after ejaculating on, in or near your partner you save some of the sperm and smear some on her eye so that when she wakes up in the morning her eye is stuck shut making her look like Popeye.

If you add a Dirty Sanchez it becomes "the Poopdeck Pappy" (Poopdecks are done mainly while partner is awake and is not a true popeye).
I gave my girl a popeye and she socked me in the jaw after I said "now blow me down, biotch!"
by kermit D. Frogz June 05, 2005
Being High on Crystal Methamphetamine
Damn Miguel was so popeyed last night, he went for a late night run

That guy is moving pretty fast he must be hella popeyed
by Chub Stunna Bartolio December 07, 2010
A car with only one headlight, when seen one must hit the ceiling of his car and yell popeye, the last person to do so gets punched
"Pop... oh shit"
by Anonymous August 12, 2003

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