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A unit of time around three minutes as defined by the popcorn button on a microwave.
" How long has she been gone?"
" About five popcorns."
by earthenvessel October 27, 2008
When a man uses his semen to write his initials on a lady's foot.
"I heard Sara got popcorned last night!"
by sertifikate August 21, 2011
Verb: To bounce around unnecessarily-in turns or bumps-in the passenger seat of a car. React dramatically to an insignificant turn or bump in a car. To jiggle about dramatically as to distract a driver to be obnoxious then act like nothing happened.
MEL (driver): *gently takes a left turn*
BJORN (passenger): *flails and rolls violently in the seat*
MEL: What the hell, dude?
BJORN: What?
MEL: Quit popcorning!
by ballerrr781 December 28, 2008
Getting beaten up so badly by somebody u look like someone microwaved you
"Girl did u see that chick?!?! She look like she got popcorned by her mama!!"
by mOkO OnO October 09, 2008
Slang for crotch. Derived from when accidentally reaching for the "popcorn" during a movie and getting crotch instead.

Butter the popcorn- To have unprotected sex.
Eat some popcorn- Oral sex.
Chris: Hey man, did you get any popcorn last night?
Shaun: Ya man, she kept screamin "give me the butter baby, give me the butter!"

Erik: Dude you gonna reach for some popcorn during that movie?
Scot: Which kind?

by ShaunG September 18, 2006
An adjective for an extremely attractive and sexy girl and/or woman.
"Hey man have you seen Megan lately? She is so popcorn!"
by thatonegirl208 February 10, 2009
having to do with someone or something trivial or insignificant
This is a popcorn lawsuit.
by The return of light Joker October 20, 2007