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An acronym meaning Thirst Quenching. Used to describe a sexually appealing, or aroused female.

The term derived from the fact that when the female is aroused, her vagina will secrete a lubricant, thus 'quenching your thirst' for 'pussy juice'.

-TQ (Quench Thirst): Sexually appealing. "Dude, that chicks sexy, she must be TQ.".
-QMT (Quench My Thirst): Oral Sex."I would like to QMT with that girl."

Ian: Yo dude, check out that chick... She's TQ.
Shaun: Damn your right bro... I'm gonna tap that and QMT, I'll probably get some 'popcorn' too.

Erik: Dude, did you hit up on that TQ girl last night?
Chris: Yeah man, she was soo TQ... I had to sop up all the juice with a towel after.
by ShaunG March 23, 2007
Slang for crotch. Derived from when accidentally reaching for the "popcorn" during a movie and getting crotch instead.

Butter the popcorn- To have unprotected sex.
Eat some popcorn- Oral sex.
Chris: Hey man, did you get any popcorn last night?
Shaun: Ya man, she kept screamin "give me the butter baby, give me the butter!"

Erik: Dude you gonna reach for some popcorn during that movie?
Scot: Which kind?

by ShaunG September 18, 2006
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