the name for the best cat in the world, and always will be. This cat is white and has some buttery colored fur as well. Very fluffy and softest. This cat has the blue-est eyes you will ever see just like the owner. No cat is better. Love him forever. He got his name right after he started eating a piece of popcorn that got dropped on the floor when he was the cutest kitten ever.
"Popcorn is the best cat ever i love him more than anything. hes my best friend" "Popcorn is fucking hardcore"

"oh i KNOW."
by popcornisbetterthanyou April 01, 2007
The code terminology for cannabis-herbus.

please refere to movies definition for more information.
Jeff- "Dan lets go buy some popcorn."
Dan- "and go to the movies?"
by jstephs December 02, 2003
when people are smoking weed and one stupid dumbass coughs or something to that effect and clears our the bowl of flaming marijuana, looking like popcorn as it pops
we were passing the bowl around a second time, and when it got to derrick it kicked his throats ass, he coughed and popcorned the entire bowl. smooth move bag of douche
by Aarik June 23, 2007
Popcorn is a code word for the word "porn"
Take the P from the beginning, and the ORN from the end.
Put it together, and you've got porn!
"Dude! My mom found all my popcorn!"
by Jayney May 01, 2007
a slang term for the microscopic bomb that is planted inside the duodenum (found near the stomach); It is usually comsumed unbeknownst to the target. It is detonated by remote.
Han: Don't you cross me
Vo: Why not?
Han: Did you forget about the popcorn?
Vo: But I don't eat popcorn.
Han: You did. And it wasn't that kind of popcorn.
by Sophamassica May 17, 2008
Something so poppin it is just like popcorn.
da "I get money" song is hot it is the popcorn!
by Mr. happyface November 11, 2007
popcorn is a word that is codename for clayton coleman doenst know what we are talking about
Yo, how sweet would it be if i got popcorn with a M.I.L.F in key west
by MIKe COckSBig May 28, 2008

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