Adjective. Popular on the outside, poopy on the inside.
Everyone likes Ben but he's a real asshole. I guess he's just poopular.
by Shosti July 30, 2006
Top Definition
Being very well know but having a bad reputation.
Tom: "Dude, she's super poopular. She sleeps with almost every guy she meets!"

Jerry: "Yeah I better stay away from her."
by HonorTheSoldier December 04, 2013
Popular, but in a crappy type of way. For example, when you are in a public restroom, and someone in the restroom stall has their phone ring 6 times within 2 minutes - that person is poopular.
His phone rang so many times while he was sitting on the bathroom stall. He must be super poopular!
by BF Will November 27, 2015
One of many Jean-Chretien-isms... In jest of the poor pronunciation and vocabulary of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
...national pride, anyting I tink will be poopular, me being Prime Minister,...
by christos January 06, 2003
Someone who manages to be popular in high school despite the fact that he/she is wearing a diaper.
"I sure wish I could be as Poopular as Jerome. That dude totally rocks the Diaper."
by Dupaspock Johnson June 05, 2016
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