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1 A slip of the mouth. You were actually trying to say sheet of paper.
2 Something your teacher doesn't ask you to take out for a pop quiz
Teacher: "Ok class, it's time for a pop quiz, everyone take out a shit of pooper- oh my word!!!"

Class: "HAHAHAH!!!"
by mothercocker November 02, 2010
When a dude proudly displays the size of his unusually large shit to another man or group of men, to gain pride and respect among his fellow bros.
A typical poopularity contest:

Andrew: "Hey John, check out the size of this enormous SHIT i took!!! You wont believe that this thing actually came out of my ass!!! I... I think its moving..."

John: "Ill be right there, bro......... Whoa, i bet that weighs more than a baby, good one dude, keep up the good work. Let me take a picture so I can post it to my twitter..."
by mothercocker May 03, 2011
A term to use in place of the phrase "mother fucker," when:

1) Saying "mother fucker" gets old
2) When the situation requires a PG rated euphemism for mother fucker
3) When you accidentally hit your head on a blunt object (cabinet, etc)
4) for fun
Hits head on open kitchen cabinet... "MOTHER COCKER!!!!"
by mothercocker November 02, 2010
1.) The act of getting a caffeine buzz from any caffeinated drink at Starbucks
Johhny: "Mom, im getting 'bucked up with my friends and then driving home."

Mom: "You're doing WHAT?!"

Johnny: "Relax mom, im just getting a trenta iced coffee with 3 espresso shots at Starbucks with my friends."

Mom: "Okay, just make sure you're home for dinner."
by mothercocker August 16, 2011

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