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how some people describe the movie Juno. some said it sucked balls. others said crappiest film ever. (thats where "poono" comes in). and a few other people said they've seen better films then this.
reporter: so whats you're comment on the new juno?

critic: that movie sucked! you might as well call it POONO!
#juno #bad movie #film #shit #crap
by AMERICANBANK$TA April 20, 2009
1)another word for Jordan M's vagina.

Grandma: "take off your panties and let your poono breath"
#flower #vag #vagin #vagina #flamingo
by bbillyyyy November 25, 2009
A bastard who has his head in the clouds and when told, doesnt know what your talking about. Its amazing how they can fit through doors with a head that big
Im other words a complete nob!
"Dan, that boys a complete poono."
#poon #poonani #pooni #poonjab #poons
by katie90 November 03, 2006
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