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What you get after fucking a guy in the ass when he hasn't taken a dump in a few days. A Penis covered in Poo.
Grandpa (in a pirate voice): arrrrrgggg, Billy. Me matey. Shiver me anus!

Billy: first mate reporting for duty!

Grandpa: 'tis a fine instrument you got there, Billy. All hands on the poop deck.

Billy: oh Gramps. Here it comes...

Grandpa: garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's the stuff.

10 minutes later:

Billy: awwwwww - sick. Grandpa, I have a Poonis.

Grandpa: yarrrr. Gross. Time for a colostomy bag...
by Pollup August 07, 2008
11 21
A Poonis happens when your taking a poo, and you have an erection at the same time. Note* This must also be a natural boner.(no porn allowed)
Oh boy, I feel a Poonis coming along!
by Bossplaya January 05, 2004
145 75
a pooni is a caste from punjab india.. it is a jatt .. farmers from the desiest parts of india... not much of em around but there all pre chalaak.
oye pooni sahib... balaa chalaak na ban... apne larh naal mu saaf kar la...
by madjatt January 13, 2012
12 5
The genitalia of a gay man within 10 minutes of having given anal love.
"After I gave him my love, my poonis was stanky."
by jonnycocksucker July 22, 2009
41 34
The rest of the definitions are wack. A poonis is simply a penis that has poop on it.
I pulled out of her ass and slapped her face with my poonis.
by Crushing_Doom November 11, 2009
33 30
A penis which is able to poo.
1) Your poonis may be bigger than mine, however: mine creates larger poochunks than yours on average.
by celllphone May 26, 2009
28 25
A poonis is a penis which pees out poo.
Guy 1: Did you see that shit that came out of that poonis?
Guy 2: Ya that was craaaaaaazy!
by The poonis June 07, 2010
22 24
Half Penis, Half Poon, Poonis. That is what a hermaphrodite has. I thought of this word first David, you bastard.
That she man has a poonis
by Decidrous October 08, 2003
11 16