plural for pooni
by Josh Simpson September 09, 2003
combination of penis and poon;

1)can be used in reference to a dike, tranny, homo, etc.

2)can be used to express how ugly a person is.

3)when your swimsuit is old and ratty and it sags at the crotch, it looks like a poonis.
That dike must have a poonis, I can't tell what it is.

That bitch looks like a poonis.

Get a new swimsuit you look like you have a poonis.
by secretscrotum January 06, 2009
Half Penis, Half Poon, Poonis. That is what a hermaphrodite has. I thought of this word first David, you bastard.
That she man has a poonis
by Decidrous October 08, 2003
Poopy penis. a penis that gutfucked someone and has shit on it.
hahaha, u got a poonis from her, u fag!!
by Randy S. September 21, 2003
a poonis is the butt because poo comes out of it like pee comes out of the wiener.
i farted out of my poonis and it smells like poo.
by humungo balls February 18, 2003
person whose body shape and texture resembles that of the penis
nice mushroom cut, you fuckin' poonis
by kingsexy December 14, 2002
Its original meaning was a peice of poo in the shape of a penis. Now, it can mean anything. Instead of using a certain word, plug in the word poonis.Its a much funnier definition and use of the word.
Dude, dont talk with poonis (food) in your mouth.

Hey, you dropped your poonis.(pencil)

Wake up and smell the poonis. (Coffee)
by Joshua Crespo August 16, 2005
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