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The act of puking (vomiting) and pooping (defacating) simultaniously.
I had to pooke so bad after my flight from Guatemala.
by ah ha white and brown September 09, 2009
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To Poo and Puke at the same time
Holy shit man, i'm sooo hungover that I have the Pookes
by givemeabeer January 15, 2011
When severe intestinal obstruction or constipation leads to a build up of poo matter coming back up the other way when vomitting.
"I haven't been for a dump in 3 weeks and I've become so backed up, last night I pooked."
by ferretzombie October 29, 2008
n. An error of common sense. When someone says something that is known by everyone around to be incorrect or uneducated. Refers to the person not the error
How do i know what temperature to cook this on? There are only numbers on the cooker.

They're gas marks you Pooke
by Tobs123 October 28, 2005
puking out the wrong hole.
He pooked after he ate the food last night.
by billiarddude22 January 07, 2008

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