Another word for a fat pussy.
I regreted boning her after I saw that pooch.

My mom gave me birth from that pooch.

Hail the pooch.

Seth Rogan was once a pooch.
by jesuswasahippy September 28, 2011
a pudgy cooch.
Damn, check out that girl's pooch!
by nickle_ass May 24, 2010
It's another word for vagina, pussy, minge, wizards sleeve, whispering eye.
I want to poke your pooch with my love sword

Spread your pooch so i can finger you

Your pooch looks and smells like a cauliflower
by Pooch Vegas December 11, 2013
A physical sensation that occurs when "tantalizing unhealthy" foods are consumed and your stomach appears to increase in mass. A common duo of foods that are infamous for causing this phenomenon are M&Ms and popcorn.
Oh my, it seems as if these jalapeno Poppers are beginning to make my stomach pooch.
by propstome April 13, 2013
The female version of the male gooch.
I like a lady with a small pooch
by Guildford Albion Handbook January 31, 2011
An utter mong. A person who feels the need to chip in with random, pathetic and pointless comments or noises. Of which have no real value or credibility to the conversation. Usually these comments which make you a Pooch are completely off topic and just generally force all people listening to temporarily hate the person who chipped in.
Josh: - "Luke, how much work you got left to do?"

Pooch: - "I like waffles" (Ignored)

Luke: - "Not much mate, just a couple more pages"

Pooch: - "I like bicycles" - (Again, ignored)

Josh: - "Pooch would you shut the utter FUCK up."

Pooch: - "Woof"

Josh: - "You truly are an absolute bellend aren't you?"
by May 01, 2010
1: A Bassett word, someone who says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

2: A complete & utter doushbag.

3: A straight man who is absolutely gay.

4. A man who cant control his mouth.
1: 'Yeah & then I cummed all on her tits!'
'Cheers son, but me & your mother didn't need to know that'

2: Mate, dont be a Rumbold, he's such a pooch.

3:I'm not gay, I love the Wanted.......

4: That's my missus, leave your comments out
by Ladybird87 July 15, 2011

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