A physical sensation that occurs when "tantalizing unhealthy" foods are consumed and your stomach appears to increase in mass. A common duo of foods that are infamous for causing this phenomenon are M&Ms and popcorn.
Oh my, it seems as if these jalapeno Poppers are beginning to make my stomach pooch.
by propstome April 13, 2013
Another word for a fat pussy.
I regreted boning her after I saw that pooch.

My mom gave me birth from that pooch.

Hail the pooch.

Seth Rogan was once a pooch.
by jesuswasahippy September 28, 2011
Originally used for dogs, this term has now been adopted by fat women in order to attempt to make their gelatinous abdominal region sound cute.
Non-Overweight person: "Do you mind putting away your disgusting stomach?"

Overweight Cow: " TeeHee, You mean my little pooch!"

Non-Overweight person: *vomits*
by dustitall June 05, 2011
Pooch: The act of pooching can be described as being a bitch, not manning up, and being a pussy. When you pooch, you done goofed. Pooching is a normal act of being a guy. A person will pooch several times a week, but someone demonstrating championship behavior will never pooch.
Kid, you didn't get that chick's number. You pooched.

You didn't show up for happy hour. Way to pooch.
by johnny x baby February 26, 2012
The female version of the male gooch.
I like a lady with a small pooch
by Guildford Albion Handbook January 31, 2011
a pudgy cooch.
Damn, check out that girl's pooch!
by nickle_ass May 24, 2010
It's another word for vagina, pussy, minge, wizards sleeve, whispering eye.
I want to poke your pooch with my love sword

Spread your pooch so i can finger you

Your pooch looks and smells like a cauliflower
by Pooch Vegas December 11, 2013

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