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A word put in someone else's Facebook status to indicate that they have left their Facebook account signed in and unattended. It's considered to be a tame version of frape, and can be achieved in a manner of seconds because of its short and simple nature.

It usually takes the form of "(name) is Poobie." but variations on the standard poobie are often used. It is also used as a verb to describe the action of poobie.

Being poobied brings shame on the recipient and lets their friends know that they have been stupid enough to allow circumstances in which poobie could occur. It is against poobie law for the recipient to delete a poobie, unless it was done in unfair circumstances, e.g. hacking.
Joe Blogs is Poobie!
Jane Blogs is poobielicious, so delicious, make the boys go loco.
I poobied my mum yesterday, she didn't get it.
by WeezleBlondini November 27, 2010
noun, slang
pronounced Poo Bee, or Matt
The tower of poop in the "black" holding tank of a recreational vehicle.
Located directly below the toilet bowl.

See also: brown pyramid, turd tower, and stank tank stuckage

military term: Major Blockade
I have to drop a Poobie in the toilet.
by Sandvirgin March 10, 2008

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