A made up word a group of friend uses to make one of their other friends feel confused and unwanted.
Friend1:Do i totally just polked
Frieind2:No way, i just polked my polk too!
Confused Friend:What does polk mean?
Friend1:You don't know what polk means,what a faggot
Friend2:Yea what a polking idiot, he dosent know what polk means lol
by Airickx November 29, 2007
Top Definition
Gangster as fuck. Not giving a shit about something.
What you know bout that polk shit
by jesseLOL January 27, 2007
Polk: verb; When someone over edits and or distorts there pictures to make themselves look "better" or at least thinks there making themselves look better. Yet the editing is very noticeable to the naked eye. And in the end they lie saying that they do not in fact edit there picture, and there waist is really that small and their eyes are really that blue and there boobs that are in fact A's are really D's .
Example: "Holly Shit she Polks all of her pictures."
"Wow I've seen her in person she's nasty as hell, she definitely Polks the hell out of her pictures."
"Why do you spend an hour on each picture Polking them? Your most definitely fake."
by The Girl You Dont Mess With July 29, 2010
A word Kenny seems to always type when he's slamming his hands and fingers on the keyboard. It could be considered a reoccuring typo.
And I was all dcklmasdmcdamlkcalkmsdcakmlpolk
by Xelloss_ September 23, 2004
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