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The study of manipulating sheep to get votes
Political science represents the pinnacle of complete and utter bullshit
#bullshit #sheep #manipulation #bohica #anal rape
by C-Mills March 26, 2008
Political science: The study of politics; the study dates back to Plato and even Hammurabi and arguably even taught in the animal kingdoms in animal hierarchies. History, philosophy, religion, and law were historically the main topics of study in political science. Modern political science studies political behavior through survey samples of a population, controlled experiments, and other data collection methods that can be statistically analyzed.
Bob: "What did you study in college."
Tom: "Political Science"
Bob: "Oh, basket weaving, ha ha ha."
Tom: "It's not basket weaving; it's law, fool!"
#college #political #science #politics #university
by Justin2100 September 28, 2007
A joke. No such science exists on the known earth. It was once believe to have existed during a short period in history. REAL science has disproven this and now "Political Science" is deemed a hoax. It stands alongside other famous hoaxes/jokes like the sasquatch, tuition cuts, and Ralph Nader.
Political Science is a joke. There are people who study political science. What does it say about them?
by SharD October 04, 2004
Best program at the University of Ottawa. Highly motivated and ambitious students study Poli Sci. Students in this program are thinkers and are very effective at reasoning; they don't just memorize definitons and write them word for word on an exam. Students in this program are the leaders of tomorrow. Political Science students are hardcore political junkies and value CPAC and CBC Newsworld. They also get really annoyed when the media says that young people aren't voting because ALL POLI SCI STUDENTS VOTE..WOOT WOOT! Many political science students at uottawa are part of the PSSA, the poli sci student association. If you're part of this group you're cool....if you're not, people will feel bad for you
Derrick: Hey are you in the PSSA?
Random: No I'm not.
Derrick: Aww, I'm sorry, that sucks.

Poli Sci student: What are you writing?
Business student: My mathematical calculations & formulas.
Poli Sci student: We don't DO math in Political Science....Well, I'm off to meet the Prime Minister for lunch......later.
Business student: I should switch programs.
#politics #politicians #genius #smart #reasoning #thinkers #leaders
by leaff April 12, 2006
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