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A man who finds fat women more attractive than thin women, such as Jo brand's husband.
thin woman: who's your friend?

man : oh he's a polecat, doesn't like anyone under 20 stone.
thin woman: shame.
by abbreviationlist November 20, 2011
a skunk. southern term.
"hittin that pole cat has done stunk up the town."
by zyoung10 November 29, 2004
A synonym for skunk. Geographically speaking, its usage tends to be most frequent in the Old South.
This morning, I came across a polecat and now I have a powerful stench about me.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
(1) Old English "phoulcat" (foul cat). Originally a reference to the fitch, the wild ancestor of the domesticated ferret, because of their ability to emit a foul smelling spray when frightened.

(2) Later, used in North America as a reference to the skunk. Both are actually not cats, but members of the weasel family, Mustelidae.

(3) A pole riding pussy, ie, a bitch who LOVES cock, and loves to ride, in control, on top!

(4) A female stripper, known for their pole dancing.
(3) Damn! I got it on with Sandy recently, and I didn't do a God damn thing. First she sucked my cock so good I almost came, and then she sat on my pole and rode it like a pogo stick! What a polecat!
by Jerry Jerhog July 01, 2006
Older American Slang a scoundrel, usually male; an unlikable or contemptible fellow
If that polecat comes on my farm to steal my cow I will have my trusty gun and loyal dog a-waitin' fer him!
by Jon64Bailey December 18, 2014
used in the south. Its a Damn Skunk
Watch out the pole cat is going to spray you!
by Jerry Crawford August 18, 2007
A weasellike, usually albino mammal (Mustela putorius furo). Swedish.
Hofdaddy: "What is your favorite cartoon?"
Swede: "i always watch: Alex and john the polecat.."
by moses March 22, 2005
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