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an unpleasant smell
arggh....hh haggy, your "p'cat" likewise a polecat. Go away from me!!!
by p'cat February 20, 2007
The gay male version of a cougar, hence a gay man who likes younger men.
Herbert, from Family Guy, is a polecat
by TSumm September 30, 2009
A certain person at the University of Houston Law school. Big fan of David Crump's. A nocturnal animal. When agitated emmits a noxious odor.
the polecat in tha hizzie
by Jim Stevens January 04, 2004
If you found that something comes with unpleasant smell you can say it's a polecat.
ugly : yo did u see that??
n00b : whats?? i feel a polecat
ugly : u parallax for your figureout bro!!!
n00b : shit mannnn!!!!
by barry w bush February 21, 2007
A stripper's pussy.
Hey, check out the roast beef flaps on that polecat.
by ATLRandy June 24, 2005
1. A large redneck geek that loves to eat fried gizzards and drinks Wild Turkey and Hires Root beer mixed.

2. A north-european black-footed ferret.
I saw Polecat piss off a balcony.

That polecat pissed in my drink!
by Polecat September 14, 2004
noun stripper-erotic dancer
a dancer who provides erotic entertainment
I was at the Cheetah last night with Martin and this pole cat just kept spinning around and around until I puked...
by sticky monkey April 06, 2009