A certain person at the University of Houston Law school. Big fan of David Crump's. A nocturnal animal. When agitated emmits a noxious odor.
the polecat in tha hizzie
by Jim Stevens January 04, 2004
A stripper's pussy.
Hey, check out the roast beef flaps on that polecat.
by ATLRandy June 24, 2005
Usless Broad
"That polecat is one smelly tuna boat"
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
A girl that pole dances
"Man that girl is a pole cat!"
by Gin C February 27, 2008
1. Stupid Brunnenlike in retardedness
2. Skunk
3. Diarrhea
Stupid Brunnen: Give me a piece of gum
Me: No, you pole cat
by GotADBQ December 03, 2004

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