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by far the best tasting water you can get. The reason why no one drinks tap water anymore. Drink a bottle of Poland Spring and try to compare it to other brands of bottle water and tap water from the toilet. You will see a huge difference in the taste.
I only drink poland spring water and no other water
by tatomuck1 March 30, 2009
45 32
Number 1 bottled water brand used by daily bong stoners to fill their piece with.
Yo nig, go grab a Poland springs to fill this piece with.
by Rehsif July 30, 2011
4 1
when you are in the middle of coutus and the woman gets up and gets a poland springs water bottle and poors it all over the mans penis and then starts coutus again.
My friends sister gave me a poland springs.
by Monkeysex June 01, 2009
6 6