A Japanese series of Animation and Games that was banned in Kansas for promoting "Evolution".
"Dammit Mom! Why are you taking away my Pokemon Cards!?" "Because it will teach you that you were a monkey once."
by Poop Deck May 30, 2007
It began in Japan. Some guy, known as Okirocho Danana wanted to come up with it. So he did. Pokemon Blue hit the shelves in January '94. It began simply enough- catch all 151 pokemon, train a team and get "Blue" laid. A standard team at L100 was usually along the lines of Caterpie/Mewtwo/Chansey/Shoe/Machoke and of course one of the starters- Zekrom or Ice Beam. Completing the game was simple, though many criticized Nintendo selling the GameShark separately as a cunning marketing ploy. Once one had Gamesharked all 152 pokemon, the chairman of pokemon would send 55 virgins to your home.

The next generation of pokemon came in the form of Pokemon Gold, and now 251 to catch. GameSharking became an arduous process. It was commonplace to find Gamesharkless players selling crack/doing homework for a trade.

Then came Pokemon Violet. To catch the rarer pokemon like furret and castform, one had to attend Nintendo rallies and pledge allegiance to Skeletor.

Finally Pokemon Black/White came, with the new feature of DreamWorld. Although a dangerous tactic, Nintendo had decided to link their DS system with SEGA DreamCast, because it was such a good machine that it deserved to be given another go. Players were able to transfer one of two characters- Shenmue or Sonic- to their DS cartridge in place of their pokemon, as Shenmue is a dangerous mofo, and Sonic is nihilistic and racist against the Dark type, therefore the game was won upon transfer.
Pokemon Blue- A wild Caterpie appeared! Blue sent out Hitmonlee. Wild Caterpie used Flare Blitz! Its not very effective..... Blue's team was turned to dust....Blue blacked out like a pussy!

Pokemon Gold- Hi, would you like to go to rock tunnel? FUCK YOU, beat the elite four first!

Pokemon Pink- Vaporeon used Water Gun! Chansey's "soak all fucking attacks" made the move flaccid and useless.

Pokemon Black- Shenmue used generic martial arts stance. The foe's Dragonite shit itself!
by Atticus Pinch October 11, 2011
creatures that are caught using pokeballs
and then made slaves and used to beat up other pokemon

001 Bulbasaur
002 Ivysaur
003 Venusaur
004 Charmander
005 Charmeleon
006 Charizard
007 Squirtle
008 Wartortle
009 Blastoise
010 Caterpie
011 Metapod
012 Butterfree
013 Weedle
014 Kakuna
015 Beedrill
016 Pidgey
017 Pidgeotto
018 Pidgeot
019 Rattata
020 Raticate
021 Spearow
022 Fearow
023 Ekans
024 Arbok
025 Pikachu
026 Raichu
027 Sandshrew
028 Sandslash
029 Nidoran-F
030 Nidorina
031 Nidoqueen
032 Nidoran-M
033 Nidorino
034 Nidoking
035 Clefairy
036 Clefable
037 Vulpix
038 Ninetales
039 Jigglypuff
040 Wigglytuff
041 Zubat
042 Golbat
043 Oddish
044 Gloom
045 Vileplume
046 Paras
047 Parasect
048 Venonat
049 Venomoth
050 Diglett
051 Dugtrio
052 Meowth
053 Persian
054 Psyduck
055 Golduck
056 Mankey
057 Primeape
058 Growlithe
059 Arcanine
060 Poliwag
061 Poliwhirl
062 Poliwrath
063 Abra
064 Kadabra
065 Alakazam
066 Machop
067 Machoke
068 Machamp
069 Bellsprout
070 Weepinbell
071 Victreebel
072 Tentacool
073 Tentacruel
074 Geodude
075 Graveler
076 Golem
077 Ponyta
078 Rapidash
079 Slowpoke
080 Slowbro
081 Magnemite
082 Magneton
083 Farfetch'd
084 Doduo
085 Dodrio
086 Seel
087 Dewgong
088 Grimer
089 Muk
090 Shellder
091 Cloyster
092 Gastly
093 Haunter
094 Gengar
095 Onix
096 Drowzee
097 Hypno
098 Krabby
099 Kingler
100 Voltorb
101 Electrode
102 Exeggcute
103 Exeggutor
104 Cubone
105 Marowak
106 Hitmonlee
107 Hitmonchan
108 Lickitung
109 Koffing
110 Weezing
111 Rhyhorn
112 Rhydon
113 Chansey
114 Tangela
115 Kangaskhan
116 Horsea
117 Seadra
118 Goldeen
119 Seaking
120 Staryu
121 Starmie
122 Mr.Mime
123 Scyther
124 Jynx
125 Electabuzz
126 Magmar
127 Pinsir
128 Tauros
129 Magikarp
130 Gyarados
131 Lapras
132 Ditto
133 Eevee
134 Vaporeon
135 Jolteon
136 Flareon
137 Porygon
138 Omanyte
139 Omastar
140 Kabuto
141 Kabutops
142 Aerodactyl
143 Snorlax
144 Articuno
145 Zapdos
146 Moltres
147 Dratini
148 Dragonair
149 Dragonite
150 Mewtwo
151 Mew
152 Chikorita
153 Bayleef
154 Meganium
155 Cyndaquil
156 Quilava
157 Typhlosion
158 Totodile
159 Croconaw
160 Feraligatr
161 Sentret
162 Furret
163 Hoothoot
164 Noctowl
165 Ledyba
166 Ledian
167 Spinarak
168 Ariados
169 Crobat
170 Chinchou
171 Lanturn
172 Pichu
173 Cleffa
174 Igglybuff
175 Togepi
176 Togetic
177 Natu
178 Xatu
179 Mareep
180 Flaaffy
181 Ampharos
182 Bellossom
183 Marill
184 Azumarill
185 Sudowoodo
186 Politoed
187 Hoppip
188 Skiploom
189 Jumpluff
190 Aipom
191 Sunkern
192 Sunflora
193 Yanma
194 Wooper
195 Quagsire
196 Espeon
197 Umbreon
198 Murkrow
199 Slowking
200 Misdreavus
201 Unown
202 Wobbuffet
203 Girafarig
204 Pineco
205 Forretress
206 Dunsparce
207 Gligar
208 Steelix
209 Snubbull
210 Granbull
211 Qwilfish
212 Scizor
213 Shuckle
214 Heracross
215 Sneasel
216 Teddiursa
217 Ursaring
218 Slugma
219 Magcargo
220 Swinub
221 Piloswine
222 Corsola
223 Remoraid
224 Octillery
225 Delibird
226 Mantine
227 Skarmory
228 Houndour
229 Houndoom
230 Kingdra
231 Phanpy
232 Donphan
233 Porygon 2
234 Stantler
235 Smeargle
236 Tyrogue
237 Hitmontop
238 Smoochum
239 Elekid
240 Magby
241 Miltank
242 Blissey
243 Raikou
244 Entei
245 Suicune
246 Larvitar
247 Pupitar
248 Tyranitar
249 Lugia
250 Ho-oh
251 Celebi
252 Treecko
253 Grovyle
254 Sceptile
255 Torchic
256 Combusken
257 Blaziken
258 Mudkip
259 Marshtomp
260 Swampert
261 Poochyena
262 Mightyena
263 Zigzagoon
264 Linoone
265 Wurmple
266 Silcoon
267 Beautifly
268 Cascoon
269 Dustox
270 Lotad
271 Lombre
272 Ludicolo
273 Seedot
274 Nuzleaf
275 Shiftry
276 Taillow
277 Swellow
278 Wingull
279 Pelipper
280 Ralts
281 Kirlia
282 Gardevoir
283 Surskit
284 Masquerain
285 Shroomish
286 Breloom
287 Slakoth
288 Vigoroth
289 Slaking
290 Nincada
291 Ninjask
292 Shedinja
293 Whismur
294 Loudred
295 Exploud
296 Makuhita
297 Hariyama
298 Azurill
299 Nosepass
300 Skitty
301 Delcatty
302 Sableye
303 Mawile
304 Aron
305 Lairon
306 Aggron
307 Meditite
308 Medicham
309 Electrike
310 Manectric
311 Plusle
312 Minun
313 Volbeat
314 Illumise
315 Roselia
316 Gulpin
317 Swalot
318 Carvahna
319 Sharpedo
320 Wailmer
321 Wailord
322 Numel
323 Camerupt
324 Torkoal
325 Spoink
326 Grumpig
327 Spinda
328 Trapinch
329 Vibrava
330 Flygon
331 Cacnea
332 Cacturne
333 Swablu
334 Altaria
335 Zangoose
336 Seviper
337 Luntone
338 Solrock
339 Barboach
340 Whiscash
341 Corphish
342 Crawdaunt
343 Baltoy
344 Claydol
345 Lileep
346 Cradily
347 Anorith
348 Armaldo
349 Feebas
350 Milotic
351 Castform
352 Kecleon
353 Shuppet
354 Banette
355 Duskull
356 Dusclops
357 Tropius
358 Chimecho
359 Absol
360 Wynaut
361 Snorunt
362 Glalie
363 Spheal
364 Sealeo
365 Walrein
366 Clampearl
367 Huntail
368 Gorebyss
369 Relicanth
370 Luvdisc
371 Bagon
372 Shellgon
373 Salamence
374 Beldum
375 Metang
376 Metagross
377 Regirock
378 Regice
379 Registeel
380 Latias
381 Latios
382 Kyogre
383 Groudon
384 Rayquaza
385 Jirachi
386 Deoxys
Ash: want a pokemon battle?
trainer: ok my zapdos will kill your pikachu!
by cuntXface March 22, 2006
some show that gets all the jocks pissed off so they go around saying stupid stuff like

P1:"Dood, Pokemon sucks man, we're so cool we havce cars and a life, FAGS"

P2:"All right man! Awesome joke! gud 1!!!!"

to prove that they're so much cooler and "hardcore" and have a "life" (give me your definition).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for it, but it seems like the people who hate it are usually retarded.
"Dood, Pokemons sooo GAY FAGS QUEERS!!!!"

"lol gud 1"

*high five*

we're so cool, c'mon, lets sit on a couch and watch some guys play football.....
by Nutsacks April 07, 2006
These games by far beat any other games that you can think of. They usually have the same basic plot. You start out as a teenager and you choose a name for yourself. Then you meet the Professor that is unique to that one game. There are Prof. Oak(red, blue, yellow versions), Prof. Birch (gold, silver, and crystal versions), and then there's two more but i don't feel like going back to find out their names. I have one friend who I call Aquaman and he plays Pokemon like it's a religion. And he totally kicks ass at it too. I think everyone should try Pokemon at least once, but i'm not saying it's for everyone. So POKEMON4LyFe!!!
If you don't like Pokemon, then you must not have much of a life or whatever that pathetic thing is called.
by Master Zephire November 21, 2008
A half decent game that was worth buying until the entire franchise was perverted by Anime producers in the mid ninety's by making television programs and "cutifying" everything and everyone in the game.
"The original game was pretty good, but WHAT THE FUCK are Pokemon Cards? PEICE OF PAPER? like SIX for $12!? WTF IS THAT!
by maxthedacks@hotmail.com March 29, 2004

Originated from Japan, of course. Is a widely popular video game and card game, and also a long-running cartoon.

The cartoon has been airing for over a decade and is very predictable. Every episode is the same plot, or so it seems. Here is a breakdown.

-Show opens with Ash and his posse or varying members walking along, planning where they are going next or talking about an upcoming battle/competition.
-A new and mysterious pokemon appears, causing Ash to blow his load and prepare to battle and capture it.
-Cue the appearance of the pokemon's owner, usually a cute female trainer that Brock , Ash’s buddy, immediately falls for and is naturally rejected, probably cause she is freaked out by his lack of eyes.
-the team and the new female trainer friend continue on, by no coincidence they are usually headed to the same town/city as each other or entering the same competition. (Ash and this trainer inevitably end up being matched up against each other during this competition at some point, if this is the case. The episode is ended with this revelation in these cases.)
-Cue our first look at team Rocket, the main bumbling and inept rivals of the group. They are usually in the process of hatching a hair brain scheme to make money at this point. They then spot Ash and Co., who they refer to as “the twerps”, and their plan switches to a plan to catch Ash’s pikachu. (and the trainer friends pokemon, if it is a particularly rare or valuable one). Sometimes, the plan involves Team Rocket disguising themselves in some lame getups, that even an idiot could tell its them. But Ash and Co get fooled. EVERY. TIME.
-Cut to a pokemon center, where ash and co. are stuffing their gourds and then go to bed. If it’s the night before a big competition, you get a scene with Ash deep in thought first, with pikachu babbling incoherently.
-Cut to the next day, the group are either in some random field, or in a stadium preparing to battle. And here’s Team Rocket! They do their rather cool spiel then bring out some ridiculous contraption that they use to snatch pikachu and any other nearby pokemon, and then make their getaway. Ash is usually dumbfounded at first, then proceeds to give chase.
-You then see Team Rocket, who, for some unknown reason, have stopped to rest in the middle of a getaway. They usually use the line "the twerps will never find us here". Right. Little do they know, Ash has dispatched one of his flying pokemon and said pokemon has located TR and is watching them during their discussion. The pokemon hastily makes its return to Ash.
-We go back to team Rocket, who a re chillaxing, when all of a sudden, here’s Ash and company! Then we usually get a dumfounded reaction from T.R., wondering how they’ve been found. Normally, a small pokemon battle breaks out with Ash and Brock battling Team Rocket and their inept and usually shitty pokemon. During the battle Pikachu is freed in some fashion and returns to Ash.
-We then get Ash sicking pikachu on Team Rocket, usually with a thunderbolt. Team Rocket are sent blasting off with their “We’re blasting off again!” line.
-Then we have group celebrating their “victory”
-Finally, we go to a scene with the group and their female friend standing together. It’s usually sunset, and they are preparing to go their separate ways and doing the good-byes and good lucks to each other. We then see Ash and company walking from the back on heading for their next adventure.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Just get it outta here already! (or at least change it)

kid 1 : Wow you got the new Mewtoo card! I'll give you 3 arcanines for it
kid 2: You kidding? Not a chance dude!
kid 1: awww....well hey Pokemon is about to come on TV wanna watch it?
kid 2: Fuck no....way too boring and predictable. Who wants to see Team Rocket get their asses handed to them again
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 21, 2009

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