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Oh... OH LOOK! It's POKEMON! You know your life revolved around this shit when you were 10. You got that motherfucking GameBoy for Christmas and a ton of Pokemon cards. Everyone always made fun of you because you never had a holographic Charizard.
But no dumbass ever did.
You're 20 and still into Pokemon. And I'm not talking about that crap they show on TV. I'm talking the real deal: The actual shit. Blue and Red, but you always wanted Red to compensate for that holographic Charizard you never had.
So you look back and smile, and remember that you lived in that time.
You kicked ass with your Pokemanz. You still do, and you're not afraid to admit it because you're still into that kind of shit you were eight years ago.
I don't need to give a damn example. You know perfectly well what this shit is. It's Pokemon.
by DeathByAshen July 04, 2012

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