Really cool animal monster dudes who jock on all dem haters.
I used the pokemon dragonite to make my opponent's pokemon charizard faint.
by Yodaa February 01, 2009
Something people diss because they have too much time or nothing to do. Probabaly posted by the same people who make other words into vulgar slang.

People who diss it would be:
1a.Good counterweights for trebuchets
1b.Good target for your new crossbow
1c.Good for testing the damage radius of a photon torpedo
1d.Shot from a catapult, instead of shooting cows

Pokemon is:
2a.Trading card game
2b.Gameboy Games
2c.TV Show
2d.Anything else i forgot...
1a.Lets see... 200 lb fat kid who hates pokemon for a 20 kg stone... it will demolish the castle!
1c.*KABOOM, pokemon hater is blown up and vaporized
1d.Were out of cows, load on the pokemon haters

2a.Pokemon cards
2b.Im not gonna take the time to list it all
2c.Pokemon shows...
by 284765826538605328656038 May 31, 2004
a pretty cool video game with a pretty shitty anime to go with it...
Wanna come to my house and play me at "Pokémon Colosseum"?
a guilty pleasure. Just found my pokemon collection and I'm hooked again:(....
Mind you, the gameboy games are reeaally good!:D Not as childish as you would think.Theres a fisherman called Nob.....:D HEHE

...I like to reminisce :P
Me-"It's sad isn't it that I used to have a crush on Ash Ketchum off pokemon when I was Nin, Even though he was a cartoon?
by Absolutely-WeIrD May 27, 2007
Little fuzzy things with cute names and triangular eyes. Pokemon are very passive and will allow humans to opress them, abuse them, and force them to live in little red balls.
"pikachu!" Ash screamed, "Stop humping Jigglypuff and go kill that stupid monkey-creature!"
by AmberAlmighty January 28, 2005
a game that was really popular. Though it no longer is, the producers are probably STILL trying spend all that money. If fighting, stealing, and violence happened over this pokemon stuff, then it had to have been cool at a point....right?
a burger king cashier was beat up because a dude didn't get a pokemon toy.

A person was mugged and had $90 worth of pokemon cards stolen from him.

Besides, you can still make some good money from the original cards.

One more thing...There were some puns of the game, like pukemon, jokemon, and camelmon (a stupid show).
by wakalakalover45 March 29, 2005
One of the best Gameboy games ever made (I'm talking about the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions). Not quite sure about the latest ones, though.

However, the Pokemon T.V. series, the cards, and the console games are downright horrible.
While the show sucks and the cards and console games are pathetic, I still belive the old pokemon gameboy games are some of the best in my collection.
by no7orious January 03, 2006
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