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1) A digital pet which people use to a) fight other people's Pokemon b) boast about to other people c) look at and wish they had one in real life as a pet instead of a dog.
2) A collectible card game like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering
3) the game Pokemon.
Small boy: Mom, I decided I don't want a dog.
Mom: Oh?
Boy: Yeah, I'd rather have this Pokemon.
by asmonder May 13, 2009
Created by Satoshi Tajiri in February 1995, this Japanese phenomenon is globally popular. Also known outside Asia as Pokémon. There are 388 species currently known as of 2005. And there are currently 8 movies, 22 Hosou specials and over 400 episodes of the Pokémon anime aired.

The Pocket Monsters Anime is widely known for its general audience in Asia. Outside of Asia it is known as a 'Cartoon' series that targets the younger viewers because 4Kids Entertainment constantly eliminates the language in the script, mainly resulting in inconclusive and lightly emotional stories.

The Pocket Monsters GameBoy Series are based on Satoshi's adventures and are mainly plans to lay out for the next season in the Anime series. The games are very complex in nature and attract many people.

Pocket Monsters, in general, has been deemed childish in many countries especially America. Due to 4Kids Entertainment's editing, Pocket Monsters is a dying fad.
Pocket Monsters is more widely known as Pokémon
by Kitoshi March 22, 2006
Four things really:

Video games-Good games at first, gets kinda boring/old later.

TCG-An okay tcg...for a while.

Anime-I'll admit, I used to LIKE this. Soon enough, its boring cycles of same thing over and over made me want to vomit (and I think I did...)

Other products-Mostly half-assed things to milk money

As a whole now, it is a terrible franchise.
Video Games-New Pokémon game! Now with some more POkémon that are too many to count! We used to make games with good strategic quality but not anymore!

Anime (if you can CALL it that)-Episodes #60-13086028609: Ash and gang meet people. Stuff happens. Team Rocket attacks once or twice and are blown away for the billionth time. End. Repeat.

Other stuff-Pokémon GLUE! Sold for much higher price for having a Pikachu on it!
by 390809826 August 04, 2004
Pokemon is a fun and cool show.
The games are great and the graphics and fantastic.

The TCG is a game where you play your pokemon cards and trade them to other people and the designs of the cards are like wow.

The show is a bit startling because it is a bit kiddy and the emotional parts are like: please spare my darling sneasel so we can get on with our life and marry! O_O

The merchandise is like the trading card game, awsome and cool.
Apart from the show every thing is Awesome!
RED and BLue: Not good enough but the original game~the ones who started it.2 stars

Yellow: Better but still not good enough 2stars

Gold and silver: Much improved but when can we choose a girl?2stars

Crystal:Much MUch more improved and can choose a girl now and animated pokemon Sprites,Cool! 3 stars

Ruby and saphire :Very Much improved and with contests but what happened to the animated sprites in Crystal? 2 stars

Emerald : Yay animated sprites! and battle frontier too, 5 stars!

Diamond and Pearl: like above but without battle frontier but better graphics ,wi-fi and better contests!But it does kinda suck... 4 stars!
by Beaconetric August 25, 2007
Pokemon is a video game that started in tokyo. It is a game in which you have three choices to start out with, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.(The different games as they get newer versions vary by color, Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Yellow, or even now some gemstones, like Pokemon Diamond And Pearl.) You travel through the region going on adventures, fighting other trainers such as Gym Leaders, and discovering and catching new Pokemon. Pokemon then became a show, starring "Ash Ketchum" who was a ten year old boy who on the day of the "Poke-give-away" slept in and instead of the given starter Pokemon, was given Pikachu, an electric mouse Pokemon. Ash travels throughout the Kanto Region and meets many people such as Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader, and Misty, The Cerulean City Leader. Pokemon is an entertaining video game and is appropriate for all age groups in my opinion. it is also a pretty good tv show. check it out c:
Boy One: So i just bought the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Black.
Boy Two: I bought Pokemon White!
Boy One: Pokemon is the coolest c:
by OmegaYourMeem:3 November 30, 2011
A show with the slogan "Gotta Catch 'Em All" which is obviously talking about STDs.

Me: Wanna trade?
by JakeMeister69 October 23, 2008
A very good video game and somewhat good card game. the only problem with it was the tv show. That's what fucked it up the most.
Video game: GOOD
Card game: it's ok

And another thing, DON'T MAKE THAT PIKACHU MASCOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy 1: pokemon would of been cool if the there werent for the show
Boy 2: you right.......
by bugmaster709 October 28, 2007