Pokemon is a video game that started in tokyo. It is a game in which you have three choices to start out with, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.(The different games as they get newer versions vary by color, Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Yellow, or even now some gemstones, like Pokemon Diamond And Pearl.) You travel through the region going on adventures, fighting other trainers such as Gym Leaders, and discovering and catching new Pokemon. Pokemon then became a show, starring "Ash Ketchum" who was a ten year old boy who on the day of the "Poke-give-away" slept in and instead of the given starter Pokemon, was given Pikachu, an electric mouse Pokemon. Ash travels throughout the Kanto Region and meets many people such as Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader, and Misty, The Cerulean City Leader. Pokemon is an entertaining video game and is appropriate for all age groups in my opinion. it is also a pretty good tv show. check it out c:
Boy One: So i just bought the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Black.
Boy Two: I bought Pokemon White!
Boy One: Pokemon is the coolest c:
by OmegaYourMeem:3 November 30, 2011
A very good video game and somewhat good card game. the only problem with it was the tv show. That's what fucked it up the most.
Video game: GOOD
Card game: it's ok

And another thing, DON'T MAKE THAT PIKACHU MASCOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy 1: pokemon would of been cool if the there werent for the show
Boy 2: you right.......
by bugmaster709 October 28, 2007
Pokemon is a fun and cool show.
The games are great and the graphics and fantastic.

The TCG is a game where you play your pokemon cards and trade them to other people and the designs of the cards are like wow.

The show is a bit startling because it is a bit kiddy and the emotional parts are like: please spare my darling sneasel so we can get on with our life and marry! O_O

The merchandise is like the trading card game, awsome and cool.
Apart from the show every thing is Awesome!
RED and BLue: Not good enough but the original game~the ones who started it.2 stars

Yellow: Better but still not good enough 2stars

Gold and silver: Much improved but when can we choose a girl?2stars

Crystal:Much MUch more improved and can choose a girl now and animated pokemon Sprites,Cool! 3 stars

Ruby and saphire :Very Much improved and with contests but what happened to the animated sprites in Crystal? 2 stars

Emerald : Yay animated sprites! and battle frontier too, 5 stars!

Diamond and Pearl: like above but without battle frontier but better graphics ,wi-fi and better contests!But it does kinda suck... 4 stars!
by Beaconetric August 25, 2007
It's video games, cards, and a TV show... the TV show was geared towards kids and was really lame. THe cards were geared towards kids, but they were such a complicated game that no one knew how the hell to play so they would just steal them from each other. The games are really good and was the second-highest selling video game in america after mario.

POkemon made some major adjustments in the second generation of games to make them less violent and enslaving-- like the concept of pokemon evolving when they really like you (you have to spoil them.) And pokemon hatching from eggs rather than being caught. Also in the 3rd generation you had the option to not battle at all and just enter little contests with your pokemon.

It's true though, they're scraping the bottom of the barrel now that they have like 385 pokemon.

People accuse the creator of pokemon (i forget his name) of attempting world domination, and say things like "it's such a stupid idea" about the series. Well, whatever, but obviously he had WAY better ideas than any of them because THEY aren't the creators of multi-million dollar franchises.

People like to use pokemon to be racist against japanese people. See below.
Those japs are like, "OOO ping pang pong!!! We take ovah world with pokeyman! We bomb pearl harbor!!!" That bastard rich businessman deserves to DIE!!! anyone who likes to play pokemon has committed a sin worthy of DEATH!!!!!
by You are being watched August 30, 2006
Pokemon was a great fad from the years 1998-2000. In Kindergarten, it was all that we could think about; trading, sharing, swapping, PKMN Red, Blue and Yellow.

It would have not been poked fun at today if they didn't make all these new Pokemon; 151 was good, except for perhaps Marill, Azumarill, Togepi, and Togetic, making 155. They should have stopped at Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The Anime show would have been very excellent if they left all the TV-14 content in the show, just like in Japan, here in America, without Team Rocket coming in every other episode.
*sigh* I once the old Pokemon, but the new ones suck ass.
by KingHenson August 27, 2006
The anime: The culprit of giving Pokemon a poor reputation among the former fans of the game (the older ones, at least.) As the anime continued it got worse and worse.

The cards: I was never really into the Pokemon cards, but based on what little I knew they were quite fun at the time. I'm not sure about today, though.

The game: Many people who are either misinformed or simply un-intelligent bash the game series. However, if one actually looks at it from a purely gaming standpoint, it actually requires a lot of intelligence and thinking on your feet. The games are quite fun and entertaining, (lets face it, nearly anyone could play it for 4 hours straight no problem), and require a substantial amount of strategy and planning.
Person 1: "Pokemon sucks!"

Person 2: "I agree, for the most part"
by sodank August 14, 2010
Pokemon is a Great RPG Game.It uses,like most RPGs,A Leveling System in which the player uses His/Her pokemon to defeat other Pokemon to gain Experiance,or EXP.You can catch these pokemon,in a Capsule Item Named Pokeballs.There are different Types of Pokeballs,with the rarest and Most Effective being the Master Ball,Which only requires One Use,and the pokemon is Caught.There are 493 Known Pokemon,In which the 493rd,Arceus,Is the Alpha One,The God Of All Pokemon.
Most people are afraid to say they like pokemon,because they might think there friends will say its un-cool.Well,Newsflash,Just because THEY Dont't think it is cool,doesn't mean it isn't.There are Millions Playing Pokemon Games Worldwide.Thats how awsome it is.Its PLayed more that Halo,Call of Duty,Grand Theft Auto,andSonic the HedgeHog Games Combined.In 2008 and 2009,The DS Pokemon Game,Pokemon Platinum,Sold 1 Million Copies when it came out for Japan and The United States,respectively.Don't Listen to Other so called 'ganster' people,and people who want to be cool.Pokemon is a Great game.You'll never know until you try it,
DUDE!I caught a {Pokemon Name here}!
Ganster:"P0k3m0n $Ux0r$,iT$ lAm3r tHan yU-g!-0H!"
Person:"Pokemon is Cooler than Gansters will ever be!"
by Reed10021 August 06, 2009
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