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The anime: The culprit of giving Pokemon a poor reputation among the former fans of the game (the older ones, at least.) As the anime continued it got worse and worse.

The cards: I was never really into the Pokemon cards, but based on what little I knew they were quite fun at the time. I'm not sure about today, though.

The game: Many people who are either misinformed or simply un-intelligent bash the game series. However, if one actually looks at it from a purely gaming standpoint, it actually requires a lot of intelligence and thinking on your feet. The games are quite fun and entertaining, (lets face it, nearly anyone could play it for 4 hours straight no problem), and require a substantial amount of strategy and planning.
Person 1: "Pokemon sucks!"

Person 2: "I agree, for the most part"
by sodank August 14, 2010
An increasingly more common way of addressing a customer in fast food restaurants, often as a substitute for "Hello, how may I take your order?" due to the likely inability to perform their job effectively in an English-speaking country.
"Hey, i'd like two chalupas and a taco, please."


"Two chalupas and a taco, please."

"No comprende"

"Two chalupas and a taco!"

"That will be fie fiddy"

Ten Minutes Later......

I didn't order a pizza!
by sodank November 02, 2010

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