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an eejit
sarah, ur such a poe
by poepoe July 26, 2008
The euphoric feeling following an orgasm. Post-Orgasmic Euphoria
Husband, "That was great sex, but I have to get up and go to work."
Wife, "You go ahead. I'm going to lay here and enjoy this poe."
by Gettsitte Goode October 14, 2006
a slang term for a vagina (or a jingle jangle, if you will)
"Dude, that hobo just grabbed my poe! I think he's drunk!"
"She's such a slut, she like opens her poe to anyone with a penis."
by J-Bizzle and A-Dizzle January 23, 2003
another word for cool, and words that accosiate in that area, e.g fly, hip, the bomb etc...
-pronounced p-oh/ powe
"did you hear the new song by dizzee rascal?"
"yeah, he's poe"
by skankerr April 02, 2009
Short for Portal of Evil.
You have to check out this new tentacle porn site featured on PoE.
by Slagathor April 22, 2004
a light substance that will eventually get you stoned :) and make you feel sik if u smoke to much ... called greenin out hahaha
yea stoover do you av ne poe

stoover replies yea man com bun a zoot wit me

denty ses yea man stoner crew brap brap wing wong

yea dovydas looks like a foot init the dirty russian that smokes legal herbs
by dent man February 05, 2007
1) a ghost thing in Legend of Zelda.
2) a famous author.
3) the creator of the awesome webcomic Errant Story
1) Poes can be so annoying.
2) Edgar Allan Poe is great!
3) All hail T3h Poe.
by anonymous January 22, 2004