another word for cool, and words that accosiate in that area, e.g fly, hip, the bomb etc...
-pronounced p-oh/ powe
"did you hear the new song by dizzee rascal?"
"yeah, he's poe"
by skankerr April 02, 2009
an eejit
sarah, ur such a poe
by poepoe July 26, 2008
weed, skunk, marijuana
hey man do u wan som poe, na man im to stoned....yaahh
by POE MAN January 31, 2007
1) a ghost thing in Legend of Zelda.
2) a famous author.
3) the creator of the awesome webcomic Errant Story
1) Poes can be so annoying.
2) Edgar Allan Poe is great!
3) All hail T3h Poe.
by anonymous January 22, 2004
1. An atrocious insult meaning everything nasty that was ever said or thought
2. A self centered turd
3. A bit worse than a french person
Person A: "You are a Poe!"
Person B: "I will go cry now!"
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
a fat, obese person, used as an insult.
Jody kept on being called a poe so she threw up her dinner.
by ggggggggg February 27, 2005
Short for Portal of Evil.
You have to check out this new tentacle porn site featured on PoE.
by Slagathor April 22, 2004

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