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1.Poe = A very atractive person. (fit,bum,sexy,poe.)

2.Poe = Pussy All Over. (Puff,wimp,chicken,scardey cat.)
"Aw! She is well poe!"

Or, " But I'm to scared!"

"You're poe! I sware down!"
by Spankzie July 20, 2009
Short for Pieces of Eight. Pirate money across the seas.
Arrgghhh I'll give ya 9 POE for yee hat!
by PyrolordCedric November 25, 2005
a fat, obese person, used as an insult.
Jody kept on being called a poe so she threw up her dinner.
by ggggggggg February 27, 2005
the 'palace of excess'- a hidden place in southern california where lesbians and transgedered bois hang out, smoke hookah and other substances, have impromptu dance parties and fast food runs, write movie scripts and book manuscripts, paint, play, swing and enjoy free love and commune in the more intense and inspiring artistic environment ever know to humankind. the POE's whereabouts are only known to its select VIP members and rumor has it that the wait list is very long.
hey dude, party at the POE. byobb
by bob hopkins December 23, 2004
1. An atrocious insult meaning everything nasty that was ever said or thought
2. A self centered turd
3. A bit worse than a french person
Person A: "You are a Poe!"
Person B: "I will go cry now!"
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
1.)An artistic person with evident writing skills. Writes short stories and poems unsparingly great. Creative and intelligent person all around. 2.)A artistic, creative person.
3.) A quirky person with an imagination for art.
"She wrote that? Man, she is such a Poe"
"I love that Poe"
"Did you see? Mrs.R gave that Poe a 100 on that essay!"
by Providence1996 August 14, 2010
President of EVERYTHING
"That speed skater thinks he's the POE"
by Smartin723 March 28, 2009