an extremely talented female singer from the mid-nineties to the present. Her brother Mark wrote the book, "House of Leaves."
Poe's second album, Haunted, is superior to Hello.
by B to the R April 22, 2004
1.)An artistic person with evident writing skills. Writes short stories and poems unsparingly great. Creative and intelligent person all around. 2.)A artistic, creative person.
3.) A quirky person with an imagination for art.
"She wrote that? Man, she is such a Poe"
"I love that Poe"
"Did you see? Mrs.R gave that Poe a 100 on that essay!"
by Providence1996 August 14, 2010
President of EVERYTHING
"That speed skater thinks he's the POE"
by Smartin723 March 28, 2009
The euphoric feeling following an orgasm. Post-Orgasmic Euphoria
Husband, "That was great sex, but I have to get up and go to work."
Wife, "You go ahead. I'm going to lay here and enjoy this poe."
by Gettsitte Goode October 14, 2006
Short for Pieces of Eight. Pirate money across the seas.
Arrgghhh I'll give ya 9 POE for yee hat!
by PyrolordCedric November 25, 2005
Powpow is potent (strong smelling) weed.
That weed's to Poe for me bro! It puts me to sleep.

I got an 8th of Poe that's stinking through the bag.
by Dr Sk November 23, 2004
a slang term for a vagina (or a jingle jangle, if you will)
"Dude, that hobo just grabbed my poe! I think he's drunk!"
"She's such a slut, she like opens her poe to anyone with a penis."
by J-Bizzle and A-Dizzle January 23, 2003

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