A hopeless/hapless iPod fanboy who can't get over the fact that there are dozens of better mp3 players out there that cost half the price and have superior features and options.
Podestrian:I bought an iPod and therefore I'm better than you
*rolls his eyes
Podestrian:What was that about
Podestrian:But iPods are so dang cool, and I can store 5000 songs
Me:oh, but my Zen can kick the crap out of your ipod and can store 10,000 songs for half the price
Podestrian:yeah...but...but...but...my iPod looks sexy!
by m4l1c10u5 November 13, 2005
Top Definition
A person who can be spotted with the iconic white standard iPod earbuds in their ears.

Derived from a combination of iPod and Pedestrian.
I saw 3 podestrians wait for a bus.
by aelso January 19, 2005
-Someone with a $100 monthly iTUNES bill, when limewire is completely free.

-Someone who owns a cool new ipod video that can hold 7,000 songs, but they spent 2 years saving up for it.
They also carry it with them everywhere they go and never take their headphones off.

Grocery Check-out clerk: How would you like to pay for purchase?
Podestrian: Huh?
Grocery Check-out Clerk: (yelling) HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASE?
Podestrian: (looking into space tapping his hands to the beat of the song he's currently listening to)......
Grocery Check-out Clerk: *thinking to himself:.
This is just just another Podestrian. *
by Annie Kristine December 18, 2005
Person who owns an iPod, the best digital music player there is. Other players flat out suck and are over priced. Also the only player that can play mp4.
128 megabytes of memory for $70?! Fuck that, I'm getting a 20 gigabyte iPod for $260 because it has 160 times the memory for only 4 times the $$$.
by smarterthanyou January 23, 2005
A word to define a prick wielding an Ipod. Often worn by those bastard taxdodging student who probably get them for free. Often showing off free gadgets to the poor work foce who actually have to buy theirs themselves.
see scum
Cheg, let's drive into town and run down some bitch ass tax dodging podestrian's
by esworb October 01, 2005
Someone who would rather pay twice the price of a normal mp3 player of the same capacity blind to the fact that services like itunes harm the music industry.
'It's funny listening to those podestrians ramble on when they could have just got a creative for half the price'
by Hair LeMair January 23, 2005
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