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A person who can be spotted with the iconic white standard iPod earbuds in their ears.

Derived from a combination of iPod and Pedestrian.
I saw 3 podestrians wait for a bus.
by aelso January 19, 2005
A much-scaled down and low cost version of Apple's Macintosh computers. This is also the 2005 version of the Apple G4 Cube, which demised due to poor sales.

This is part of Apple's new plan to get exisiting PC users, mainly
iPod users to switch to the mac platform, by offering a mac for less than $500 which is extremely small in dimensions to save space. The Mac mini requires a USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor, which all used on mordern PCs are compatable with the ports found on the Mac mini.
After a friend let me use his Mac mini that he recently bought, I was amazed about how great it was. At just USD $499, I decieded to purchase one, and attached it to my flat-screen monitor that I currently use with my Dell. It was the best purchased I've ever made. I never understood the appeal of Macs until now.
by aelso January 19, 2005
A word used to describe an annoying and difficult to use keypad on a mobile phone. Derived from the word QWERTY, which is the standard layout of computer keyboards and the normal definition of 'Quirky', to discribe something unusual and arkward.
The Nokia 7600 has a 'quirky' keypad
by aelso January 19, 2005
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