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An individual who does or says something stupid.
Will Powell is a foce.
by RyGuy1717 February 20, 2008
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1. the word after thrice.

2. one of those words that kills the conversation and makes you seem like your trying to fit in.

3. a person who trys to fit in
1. once, twice, thrice, foce

2. bill- "once"
john- "twice"
frank- "thrice"
danny- "ummmm... foce..."
john- "dude leave"

3. frank- "danny is such a foce."
by heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey August 07, 2009
A person who can just never get shit right and engages frequently in tomfoolery.
Wow, he's being such a foce today, the guy can't even tie his own shoes and keeps asking "what's up bro."
by Osimo June 19, 2013
Something that is passed it's useful limitations.
Wow, the grass is so green on this very fine day!
"Dude. 's a foce."
by Beo so seo November 24, 2007

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