How many people pronounce the word, "potty".
Can be used to describe the act of ejecting micturition or the urine itself.

Some people use the word to describe the act of leaving a shit as well.
Hold on a moment -- I really need to go poddy before we leave!
by Telephony June 09, 2014
A person who is obsessed with their iPod/iPod touch/iPhone
will Billy stop being such a poddy and join the party.
by shi11 July 23, 2009
"Poddy" is a term used to describe one of the most arrogant wankers you'll ever meet.
Did you see Poddy the other night? what a cunt?
by The one at PC 32 August 09, 2008
A Rye drinking Russian that vacations 48 weeks a year. Know for their mastery of fingering.
Guy #1. Hey, did you hook up last night?

Guy #2. Yeah, we went back to her house and I Poddy'd the shit out of her.
by Oakville Beaver March 04, 2008
A poddy is a person who is obsessed with the half life mod counter-strike.
An insult.
"Omfg i was playin counterstrike last night and this poddy pwned me."
by mark foley March 25, 2005
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