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The mixture of the word Soda and Pop.
Him: I call it Pop
Her: I call it Soda
Them: Lets just call it Poda (:
by xXViaXx December 06, 2010
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A person that typically does not tip well, or at all. I.e doesn't "pour down" the cash. Said people are also usually rude and/or obnoxious.
"Fuck, I got sat with podas at table 5."
"You mean those black people?"
by Mr Unsuspectful May 12, 2010
To randomly ask a cow or related species to get lost in South Asia
Man, " Please poda you humble bovine "
Cow " What ??. i'll bloody not"
Man " oh well"
by ReX19934 January 09, 2014
Product Of a Dumb Ass
"My roomate gave me a bedtime... at 10:30...what a PODA!"

"Who ever of us has a kid first will name that kid PODA. Because if we have kids, they are definatly PODAs!"
by Madalaine November 03, 2005
Contraction of "supposed to."
That's not wat you poda do!
by Nugger November 15, 2006

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