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Poad is perhaps the only politically correct racial slur in existence. The term is used as a noun, perhaps as a substitute for the N-Word.

Poad is an acronym:
Person(s) / People(s)
"Man, did you see that guy? He was all over that fried chicken. What a poad, right?"

"I guess you're right-- his skin's sort of caramel-colored. Maybe he's half-poad."
by Tiz_Earth December 22, 2009
Acronym for Push(ing) Out A Dookie, colloquial for passing faeces
Tom: Hey, is everyone ready to go, we're nearly late
Scott: Give me 5 minutes, I need to POAD
by POADer151 August 18, 2010
Defined as to annoy or pester, this word came about when "P-O-A-D" kept appearing in various games of Boggle and annoyed people by its persistent, irrelevent presence.
"Mom! Sarah keeps poading me! Make her leave me alone!"
by LBC November 21, 2004
A creature resembling the cross features of a possum and a toad.
Considered to be beyond all hideousness.
Known for its unbearable stench, caused by deification through the mouth.
The Poad reproduces A-sexually unable to find a mate.
Believed to be covered in course black hair.

To be called a "Poad" is to be insulted by comparison to this wretched creature.
"Don't be such a Poad!"

by paperbag princess August 10, 2008
A pud ass toad
Man Mark broke the bong, what a poad.
by nunyabuizness January 28, 2009
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