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Spanish for a vagina.

See pussy
Ey, let me get some pinocha!!
by LBC March 29, 2005
A word that expresses disinterest in the current conversation topic.
Person One: And I really do think that my shoes smell good....I mean, they're lavender flavored....and I've only worn them three times....and there isn't anything growing on them....what do you think?
Person Two: ....Bloo.
by LBC November 21, 2004
Consistently good, as Ken Jennings is on Jeopardy!.
"You got an A on your chemistry test? You're really kenesque when it comes to science!"
by LBC November 21, 2004
the absolute hottest, most beautiful guy you will ever lay eyes on. there is no one that can even compare to him, because he is the sweetest person on the planet. you basically can't help but love him, cept dont even try cuz hes MINE
i love my babi harr stapes!!!
by LBC February 16, 2005
Defined as to annoy or pester, this word came about when "P-O-A-D" kept appearing in various games of Boggle and annoyed people by its persistent, irrelevent presence.
"Mom! Sarah keeps poading me! Make her leave me alone!"
by LBC November 21, 2004
the combination of a nigga and an ape
an example: sup nape ?
by lbc March 22, 2005

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