5-0, or POlice.
Check your six, po.
by RED December 04, 2002
someone so poor they can't afford the o and r
Isaw this po guy in a box yesterday
by kcuf September 20, 2005
Means 'here' in Hebrew.

On an Israeli dreidel, the letter shin is replaced with the letter pey, which stands for po, when elsewhere in the world, the shin stands for 'sham' which means 'there' in hebrew.
Person 1: Where is it?
Person 2: It's po!
by JoLlama October 22, 2007
This is the abreviation of the words "Peace Out" used as a way of saying goodbye to someone... There are several variations of this.
PO! = Peace out!
POFN = Peace Out for now!
POMB = Peace Out My Brother
(and if you want to be really geeky)
POMBAHAND = Peace out my brother and have a nice day
by The Spooky Twigg November 06, 2004
Extremely gangster, more so than the word gangster itself implies.
I can't believe you roll with those PO's!
by gangsterkid March 23, 2011
PROPERTY OF __________________
like P.O.M= Property of Me
what your boyfriend might write on your hand and the same you to him
also can be pissed off
an type of officer dude
and a post office
freddy wrote on my hand
i wrote "P.O.M"
i was so happy
by cutie4u May 17, 2007
African American for the word poor.
I blames da White man cuz Iz so po.
by Maxwell October 12, 2004
adj. A poor mother fucker
He's so po, he can't even afford the last two letters on the word poor!
by Fez May 29, 2003

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