1) short for "poor"
2) short for "po-lice"
1) Yo mama so po she can't afford the "or".
2) Dumb cracka: "Hello, would it be possible for me buy some drugs off of you, homey?"
Me: "Cracka you more of a po than Edgar Allan Poe. Fuck no I ain't sellin' no shit to you."
Dumb cracka: "I am not a police officer."
Me: "Cracka get da fuck out before you lyin' in chalk."
by Nick D March 31, 2003
P.O stands for "Projects", P.O also is slang for "Alexendra park" inner city in toronto
"yo those p.o niggas got gats"
by crack May 03, 2003
Another work for skunk, weed , cannibus etc.
yes mate, you holding any po
by Tace. July 02, 2006
(verb) 01. Po' is the elegant term for poor.
02. What poor people say when they are poor.
03. Short term for poo. When you have go to badly.
Race Race : My family is very Po'.
Paco Taco: No shit. You have dinero.
Race Race: no we are some po' folk in diego.
Pace Taco: huh? oh i thought that you said Mo'
by Brennie January 14, 2006
When you're so poor you can't afford the other 'O'and 'R'
Dude 1" Dude I'm poor."

Dude 2" At least your poor. I live off of ramen. I'm po'. Dude I can't even afford the O or the R!"

Dude 1 "Damn, thats poor."

Dude 2" No thats Po'."
by emobunbun May 16, 2010
the meaning of life. can be positive or negative. can be feminine or masculine. can be a verb, noun, adjective, adverb. anything.
what a PO.

that was so PO.

you're such a PO.
i was able to PO that exam.

you PO me off.
by PO-LEE. May 06, 2009
London Slang...

Short for potent, especcially when describing skunk.
1: Man that shit is po'.
2: Yis!
by Croydon December 19, 2003
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