short for Peace-Out!
Little guy: I gotto go..
Big guy: PO, dawg!
by NicaCop February 11, 2006
A small amount of something.
Can i have a po of juice.
by Keroro Gunso February 23, 2011
P.O means Piss off or pissed off.
O M G! She like stole my whole bag of chips and I got so P.O. "P.O!! Give them back!"
by Kazzy xox April 10, 2009
1. short for pues used as a verbal pause in chilean spanish
2. while po' may sound like a term of endearment it can be fun to substitute bitch in place of po'

Claro que si po'. Si po' No po'. Ma-o-meno-po'
by chascon September 11, 2006
pussy odor
I was about to go down on Judy, but she had terrible PO so I came right back up.
by z7prophet July 09, 2009
Shortened word for pool
I just shat in that guys po!
by z@xx0r January 25, 2008
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