Po is the cutest tellytubby.
Po is red.
Lala: Eh oh po!
Po: Eh oh lala!
Lala: BIIIIIIG huuuuug.
by eleggodiablo August 25, 2003
A Po is short hand version for potential lover, companion or one night stand. Normally this is used in code around other females so they don't' catch on that they are a part of a collective or a secret list. Commonly used in the ghetto parts of towns however has been making it's rise to higher class individuals and elitists.
Hey man, do you got any po's on the go.
I have 3 po's.
Damnnn, did you see that girl, massive po right there!
by s3ntin4l June 27, 2013
A poser, someone that tries to be something that they're not.
"That Omar guy claims he's a big Black Sabbath fan but doesn't even own any albums by them"
"Wow, what a po"
by deeznutz2013 November 13, 2012
P.O pronounced Pee-oh is a two letter acronym for Polecat odour. It is used to describe the next level up from B.O ( body odour). P.O. is used to describe cases where body odour has been allowed to concentrate to such a pungent state that it instantly triggers the human gag reflex when encountered.
Man, I just tried to help that Jakey up from the pavement and his P.O. nearly made me honk
by Katanamangler May 14, 2011
A term used to describe a smelly vagina.
Mac:Dude I heard Jackie was finally about to give you some but you turned it down! What happened?!

Jason:Man she had P.O like crazy! I was mad disappointed

Mac:Aw man that sucks bro..
by Gizzly Adamz August 08, 2010
Porcelain receptacle kept under the bed for use at night when the bathroom seems too far away. Chamber pot.
Have you emptied the po?
by Pam Wells November 10, 2006
weed to be purchased from a dealer
dat breh got some sick po
by mcphillmixes October 13, 2006

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