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The Grand Imperial Anie's Empire of Doom!

The word "pnats" comes from the mighty pnats loving Bret.
Hey man, read Bonnie's new comic at pnats!
Check out pnats dude, Ethan totally slammed Latrine!
by Meferson Jones May 08, 2004
17 11
Like pants only better. Much better. Not a common spelling error.
"Am I wearing my pnats?"
by Jennifer February 10, 2004
11 8
a kind of bug that is anoying
get thease freakin nats away from me
by sean August 21, 2004
0 0
The coolest forum ever with no adult supervision and no cencors!Where everyone misspells things!!
Yo sup i wuv you So Mch Liets HaVe SEIXX!!!SWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!!XOXOX!!!
by Crush May 21, 2004
3 12