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This word is a verb and a noun and "Plooshy" is the adjective form but the noun and the verb have slightly different meanings for no reason. The noun ploosh means a certain amount of soft stuff, such as the ploofy stuff in pillows, or those beany sand things you find inside those insanely soft "Moshi" pillows. The verb ploosh means to hit someone with a soft object, with the intention to severely harm. Though this makes no sense since if you wanted to hurt someone by hitting them with something you could just hit them with something hard, but the stupid people try to maim people with pillows and the like, this is called plooshing.
Noun - This pillow has so much ploosh in it.
Adjective - This pillow is so plooshy.
Verb - I'm gonna ploosh you with this pillow!!!
Adverb - And so the pillow was plooshily slammed into the unsuspecting mans face.
by Ethan12345 April 13, 2006
The intense ejaculation after marathon sex and thus spent.
(properly spent)
How did it go the other night?

Bro, we fucked all night and into the next day. By the afternoon I had nothing left. You know, ploosh
by Me he he August 08, 2012
to call someone or something
Ploosh me at 5!


I need to ploosh my pisskick!
by B@y August 21, 2006

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