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a dildo for toilets that is also used during underwater jewish anal sex.

see plooshin
if you guys are hittin the wave pool tomorrow, don't forget the ploosh babong. it's in the bathroom cabinet.
by memphisto December 03, 2003
a jewish middle class form of anal sex, which takes place underwater in pools, hot tubs, or rivers. due to its watery nature, the ass is cleansed of all fecal matter, and is ready for other activities (tossed salad).
that shit ain't no fun unless i'm plooshin that ass yo.
by memphisto December 03, 2003
while a male is going down on a female, she pisses into his mouth and then he forcefully spits it back up inside of her, creating a soda like effect.
i just couldn't hold it in, so it was fountain soda time.
by memphisto December 03, 2003

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