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Shortened form of Porter's Lodge, a place where the porters reside in colleges at Cambridge University.
Hey, anybody know where the Burrell's Field plodge is?
by Henry Hallam April 29, 2004
39 17
Plodge Plodging is when you walk through a body of water such as the sea or a pond.

Let's go for a plodge in the river tyne.
by Shane October 01, 2003
37 17
something really stupid or rubbish
E.g This hotel is BARE PLODGE! It doesnt have a tv or nuttin!
by star44 July 20, 2008
6 4
Something sticky, a glutinous excretion of the sort you sometimes put your hand in and wonder what is. Similar to milge but thicker, stickier, gloopier and less identifiable.
Oh my God, there's some sort of plodge down th front of my shirt
by evil hippy June 13, 2004
3 10